Walk a Crooked Mile

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Jody Forman started walking 38 years ago to lift her spirits—and through the simple act of walking daily, she ended up lifting up her entire life and the lives of everyone around her. On top of that, she’s super fit.

Today, Jody has archived 38 years of fitness journals that record her daily walks and observations. Often her notes are simple, such as “beautiful sunshine today” or “not feeling great, but kept a good pace.” She might make a couple remarks about her family, her farm, or her garden—things that are most important to her. She always records her mileage. Year after year, her journal is one of the very few items that occupies her bedside table.

Three years ago, Jody created her first walking journal full of meaningful photos, quotes, and fitness facts and inspiration. She just finished her 3rd edition, and we’re offering it as a gift to our clients and friends as a way to lift up their lives.

Please let us know if you’d like to receive the 3rd edition of Jody’s beautiful and meaningful fitness journal, “Walk a Crooked Mile.” It’s truly a journal—on top of the research and inspiration, there are blank pages intended for you to fill in with your own mileage and notes.

You’re sure to be inspired. You might even keep it on your bedside table—and record your own daily observations.

And go for a walk.

(Here’s a little peek at the cover and a few of the inspiring pages that fit in between the blank journal pages.)

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