Because information is not the same as expertise.

It’s easy to find a great deal of information on real estate. Information and raw data alone however, are not enough for successfully navigating the real estate market. We believe knowledge is the ability to distill all relevant data and information regarding a real estate transaction into a format and analysis that can lead to an informed decision.

Whether it’s arriving at an appropriate price for a home or property, navigating purchase offers or financing alternatives, or asking the right questions, knowledge is indispensable. At Forman Realtors, our collective experience and knowledge base set us apart as a firm.

Our team has applied, actual knowledge from our collective experience in building homes, developing subdivisions, and advising investors in real estate transactions. We have assisted the diverse needs of buyers and sellers in residential real estate for 50 years, and we’ve effectively marketed some of the most distinctive, unique properties and residences in Central Ohio.