Cookie and Candy Contest Raised $600 for Friends Who Share

Announcement of Winners

We’re delighted to announce that Sunbury’s 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie and Candy Contest (sponsored by Forman Realtors) raised $600 for Big Walnut Friends Who Share. Fundraising efforts included our silent auction of baked goods and the sale of the 1st Annual Contest book of recipes and photos. If you’d like a book from the 1st Annual competition, which took place during Sunbury’s Bicentennial year, please call our office at 740-965-1212.

The book of recipes and photos from the 2nd Annual competition will be compiled in January, 2018. Watch for it! You can collect them all; they will also be archived in the Sunbury Community Library and at the Big Walnut Area Historical Society.

How did the 2nd Annual Cookie and Candy Contest turn out? It was fantastic. We had a great crowd and lots of entries. It was fun to see competitors return from last year with new recipes—and also fun to see new faces. All of the samples were devoured by the end of the night.

And here are the 2017 WINNERS:


1st Place Candy: Judy Theil with Best Ever Toffee

Honorable Mention: Barb Wolfe with Merry Mint Fudge

1st Place Baked Good: Deanna Dunlap with Salted Caramel Bars

Honorable Mention: Amy Gochenour with Pumpkin Roll


1st Place Candy: Carson Wolfe with Crunchy Christmas Kisses

Honorable Mention: Colton Ray with White Chocolate Fudge

1st Place Baked Good: Ethan Albert with Santa Hat Cupcakes

Honorable Mention: Quincey Dunlap with Peppermint Brownie Pops

All 1st Place winners received a $100 cash prize from Forman Realtors.

Thank you to all of our contestants for sharing recipes and delicious entries that our community loved—and now will be able to make in their own homes for the holidays. Thank you also for supporting the silent auction and Big Walnut Friends Who Share. We love the holiday combination of local recipes, generosity, and community gathering.

Finally, our contest would not be possible without our judges. Thanks to you!

From left: Emmy Kline, Cindy Erndt, Jacque Kuhn, and Leslie Forman

Please check back in January for the 2nd annual full book of photos, recipes, and awards.

We’re looking forward to Christmas on the Square 2018. See you there.

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