Delaware County Fair 4H Sponsorships

For probably 50 years now, Forman Realtors has been supporting 4H kids at the Hartford and Delaware County Fairs by purchasing their projects. These kiddos put an enormous amount of time, energy, and even love into their projects. We’ve purchased just about everything from gallons of milk to market steers.

Recently at the Delaware County Fair, we were delighted to purchase the Grand Champion Market Steer in addition to other steers. We also purchased market lambs and donated funds to ensure that every exhibitor walked away with $650, even if their lamb sold lower. We also purchased chickens.

Just for fun, Martin Forman jumped in the Old Timer Showmanship Class. His children show lambs and hogs, and Kelly Forman’s daughter shows market steers, beef feeders, and lambs.

Come see us next year at the Delaware County Fair!

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Kelly Forman Roberto

As a Realtor and Director of Marketing, Kelly’s professional experience brings unique advantages to her clients. Before joining Forman Realtors, she informed branding and marketing initiatives at local, national, and international levels. As a third generation Realtor, she has a clear understanding of market trends that impact Central Ohio. Finally, Kelly has a graduate degree that enables her to negotiate transactions and mediate client relationships with a higher level of skill.