Do You Need A Realtor When Building?

5 Reasons to Have a Realtor On Your Side

Forman Realtors is based in an area with lots of new construction, so buyers ask us all the time if they should use a Realtor when building a home.

The answer is yes.

In general, builders’ model homes are staffed by agents who work directly for and represent the builder.

You need to have a Realtor who represents you and protects your interests.

There’s far more to building a new home than choosing a floor plan and selecting your finishes. Here are five quick reasons to have your own Realtor on your side:

  1. A local Realtor knows the market and will help you find a reputable builder—someone you can trust.
  2. A skilled Realtor will help you negotiate and navigate through everything from timelines and finances to permits and delays. You want an expert on your side.
  3. A knowledgeable Realtor will help you review your contract, ensuring that you’re clear on everything—including financial requirements, deadlines for change requests, and timelines. A Realtor may also add addendums to protect you.
  4. An experienced Realtor will tell you where you can most effectively negotiate for extras or discounts.
  5. A Realtor who knows how to create value in real estate will help you choose upgrades that ensure the best return on investment over time. Your home is often your largest asset, and you want to be smart about enhancing its value both now and in the future.

Remember that a builder’s representative or agent works for the builder. Of course they’re most often smart and friendly. But the smartest thing you can do is take your own Realtor with you on your very first visit. Many builders require that your Realtor register with them on that first visit or else they will decline to let them represent you.

With a Realtor you trust, you’ll better protect your time and your investment as you create your new home.

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About The Author
Kelly Forman Roberto

As a Realtor and Director of Marketing, Kelly’s professional experience brings unique advantages to her clients. Before joining Forman Realtors, she informed branding and marketing initiatives at local, national, and international levels. As a third generation Realtor, she has a clear understanding of market trends that impact Central Ohio. Finally, Kelly has a graduate degree that enables her to negotiate transactions and mediate client relationships with a higher level of skill.