Sunbury Bicentennial Christmas Cookie and Candy Contest Details

Judging and Silent Auction December 3rd, 2016 during Christmas on the Square

Find entry form here.

Sunbury, Ohio: Win cash prizes for your favorite holiday cookie and candy recipe and make history by recording it for future generations—all while supporting Big Walnut Friends Who Share as they celebrate their 25th year.

The Sunbury Bicentennial Christmas Cookie and Candy Contest will take place on December 3rd, 2016 on the second floor of the Sunbury Municipal Building (center of the square) during Christmas on the Square. To enter, complete the simple entry form available on or at Forman Realtors’ office on the Sunbury Village Square at 28 South Vernon Street. Entries must be submitted to Forman Realtors by Friday, November 25th, 2016 December 2nd, 2016. (Extended!)

The Sunbury Municipal Building second floor opens at 4pm. All entries must be in place for photographing and silent auction by 5pm. Judging will begin at 6:30pm. Winners will be announced at 7pm and then bidders will have a final 15 minutes before the silent auction concludes at 7:15pm.

The starting bid at the silent auction on all entries is $25.00 to honor BW Friends Who Share’s 25th Anniversary. All proceeds from the silent auction go to BW Friends Who Share. Let’s show them our appreciation by wrapping up this year with strong community support!

Contestants, friends, families, and bidders are welcome to join the reception hosted by Forman Realtors on the second floor of the Municipal Building from 5-10pm. Check out the Sunbury Bicentennial Beard and Mustache Championship judging, which will also take place there between 6:30 and 7:30pm that evening.


Adult Division (18 years and over at time of contest):

Best Cookies

Best Candy

Best Christmas Freestyle (Cupcakes, cakes, etc.)

Junior Division (17 years and under at time of contest):

Best Cookies

Best Candy

Best Christmas Freestyle (Cupcakes, cakes, etc.)


In both Adult and Junior Divisions, the following cash prizes will be awarded to winners in each category:

1st place: $100

2nd place: $50

Rules and Guidelines:

Contestants are to provide 2 dozen pieces per entry on separate serving plates:

One dozen is for judging and sampling by attendees.

One dozen is for the silent auction.

Recipes must be attached to each dozen—one will go on record and one will go with the winning bidder.

Entries will be photographed and recipes will be recorded in a hardback book for the BW Area Historical Society and the Sunbury Community Library.

All recipes will be shared and reprinted along with photos, both in print and digital formats both immediately and in the future.

Contestants and the general public will have the opportunity to acquire the book of Sunbury Bicentennial recipes and celebrations.

Contestants can enter as many recipes/entries as they like.

Contestants may decorate their plates/platters. Decorations are not to exceed two feet in diameter or two feet in height.

All serving ware and decorations entered in the silent auction will become the property of the winning bidder. Accompanying serving ware and decorations for the sample/judging dozen will be available on site for pick up until 8:30pm on December 3rd. Forman Realtors is not responsible for serving ware that is lost or stolen. Please be creative in your presentation without putting your Grandma’s best china at risk.

All entries must be titled and credited. Credits for the recipe can go to previous generations, but the baker must also be identified.

All participants in the junior division must have signed parental/guardian consent.



5-5:30 in place on Burrer Drive (starts at dark)


5pm: In place. Silent auction starts.

6:30pm: Judging

7:00pm: Winners Announced

7:15pm: Auction Ends and Winning Bidders Announced


6:30pm-7:30pm: Contestants Photographed and Judged

7:30pm: Winners Announced

About the Sponsor:

Forman Realtors is proud to celebrate Sunbury’s 200th and our 50th year in service, right here at home.

Find entry form here.


Contact Forman Realtors at 740-965-1212.

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