Why We Support the Delaware Jr. Fair

And Why You Should, Too


Local 4H’ers rely on businesses like ours to purchase their projects. Most of these young people have dedicated countless hours (sometimes over a two year period) so they’ll be ready for the fair.

Many of them save their profits from 4H project sales in their college funds.

At Forman Realtors, we’ve been supporting youth at the Hartford and Delaware County Fairs for almost as long as we’ve been in business—now 50 years.

It’s a great way to support local youth. But sometimes, the auctions are slow and the kids can lose money. There’s nothing more painful than watching a proud 10 year old stand in front of a crowd with a project no one’s bidding on.

We encourage you to get out to your county fair and purchase a 4H project. Talk to your tax advisor about how your monies spent may be a deduction.

And let these kids know that they have a community that stands behind them. We were proud to purchase many projects at the 2016 Hartford and Delaware County Fairs; we’re especially proud of the 4H’ers we support.

Note: This post is a near repeat of an earlier post on supporting the Hartford Fair; we believe this is a message worth repeating!

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