How does Zillow pick the “best agent” for me?

Zillow is a handy go-to when searching for real estate. As a consumer, it’s wonderful to feel like you have access to every listing out there along with tips and guides and calculators and immediate suggestions for the ideal agent for you.

If you want to use Zillow to your greatest advantage, however, it’s good to hear an insider’s view on all of the above. We’ll start with their suggestions for an ideal agent.

How does Zillow know which agent is best for you? Money. Any agent who pays to have their profile pop up next to listings will be recommended as an ideal agent. It doesn’t guarantee that the agent knows anything about market trends in the area you’re searching. It doesn’t mean that the agent recommended has a strong track record in sales or a history of ethical, skilled negotiations. All it means is that the agent is willing to pay to advertise him or herself.

Real estate transactions represent large investments—often the largest investments of your life—and require a higher level of ethics and expertise. At Forman Realtors, we recommend that you demand better representation for your interests than the first name that pops up on a Zillow search.

In life’s defining moments, which include real estate investments, give yourself the highest quality service. Do your research. Contact Forman Realtors for honest advice and an elevated real estate experience.


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About The Author
Kelly Forman Roberto

As a Realtor and Director of Marketing, Kelly’s professional experience brings unique advantages to her clients. Before joining Forman Realtors, she informed branding and marketing initiatives at local, national, and international levels. As a third generation Realtor, she has a clear understanding of market trends that impact Central Ohio. Finally, Kelly has a graduate degree that enables her to negotiate transactions and mediate client relationships with a higher level of skill.